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Don Guillete conducts a 3 hour intensive classroom seminar on sail trim. The material is presented in a simple to understand manner using a fully rigged Pond sailboat to demonstrate key points plus a large number of diagrams and handout.

The course subject material is presented in four sections. In SECTION ONE, he defines and completely explains the items that are being adjusted on a sailboat, which are draft depth, draft position, twist and angle of attack. He calls these items THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF SAIL TRIM. Once everyone completely understands these elements, he moves on to SECTION TWO. In section two, he identifies all the sail trim controls for the mainsail (there are 8) and jib (there are 6) that are used to adjust the four elements of sail trim. In SECTION THREE he demonstrates, using a fully rigged Pond sailboat plus diagrams and handouts, what happen to EACH of the four elements of sail trim when you ease or trim EACH sail trim control for the mainsail and jib. In SECTION FOUR, he identifies the proper trim adjustment for EACH sail trim control on the mainsail and jib for EACH point of sail and WIND CONDITION. At this point you not only know what particular sail trim adjustment is needed for a particular point of sail and wind condition but you also know exactly why that adjustment is needed.

Strategically placed throughout the presentation, there are discussions concerning crew position plus the procedures used to set twist and a step-by-step procedure used to properly trim the jib and mainsail. There is an extensive discussion on reading telltails.

Class handouts consist of his book "the Sail Trim Users Guide" and "The Sail Trim Chart". The Chart tells you WHAT sail trim adjustments to make and the Book tells you WHY you are making a particular sail trim adjustment. In addition, you receive a mainsail I jib quick reference sheet, which tells at a glance the sail trim controls that are used adjust the four elements of sail trim for the mainsail and jib. You also receive a telltail reference chart plus a quick reference sheet, which outlines the duties of the jib trimmer. Another quick reference sheet outlines the duties of the mainsheet / traveler position.

He guarantees that after completing his 3 hour seminar, you will know more about sail trim than 75% of the sailors worldwide. If your not 100% satisfied with the seminar, he will refund your money and you can keep all the seminar material.

Comments from seminar attendees:

Marty Karpiel, Long Beach: "This was the best three hours of sailing instruction I have ever received."

Jason Cavallaro, Los Angeles: Important factors of sail trim in a simplified and very comprehensive format, I would definitely recommend this seminar to other sailors".

One attendee said that he had learned a lot about jib shape, draft location and fairlead positions. When asked if he would recommend the seminar he responded with an impish smile: "No, let them learn the hard way like I did, before I took the seminar

Don Moseley, Balboa: "I learned about draft location, twist control, fair lead setting and how to use a barberhauler".

David Baron, Pasadena: "Simple explanations of a complex subject. Very enlightening, I realized how little I know".


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