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How many times have you wondered what sail trim is needed for a particular wind condition and point of sail?

The Sail Trim Chart helps you understand the proper technique of sail trim at a glance.  Would you like to know more about how the jib and mainsail controls interact with each other?  The Sail Trim Chart takes the guess work out of jib and mainsail adjustment.  The Sail Trim Chart lists all sail controls for the mainsail and jib and relates them to the full range of wind conditions from 1 knot to 15 knots.  The Sail Trim Chart indicates, at a glance, the adjustments needed to obtain 100% efficiency from your sails while sailing to windward, reaching, and running.  The Sail Trim Chart also outlines how to move the draft forward and aft, details traveler and twist adjustment, and also includes a problem solving section. Additionally included, is a step by step sequence you should follow to trim your jib and mainsail which will insure 100% efficiency as soon as you "power up" your sailboat.

The Sail Trim Chart and its companion The Sail Trim User's Guide are concise summaries of all the sail trim information you need to sail your boat efficiently.

If you cruise and you do not know how to operate all your sail controls efficiently and effectively in all wind conditions and various points of sail, you cannot truly enjoy your sailboat to its fullest potential. If you race and do not use every sail control available to you to obtain 100% efficiency from your sails, you will not be very competitive.



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