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Sail Trim Products started as a company in 1999 when the owner, Don Guillette, recognized there was a need for sailboat sail trim information.

Don sailed as a youngster in RI but gradually moved into high speed jet boats.  He returned to sailing about 10 years ago when he bought a sailboat but after the first 10 minutes behind the helm he realized none of his former sailing knowledge was coming back to him. He then took sailing lessons and became very good at seamanship like things such as flaking sails, backing boats, working the head, etc. but unfortunately, after completing every course the sailing school offered, he had no idea how to sail the boat efficiently and correctly. The manner in which the sail trim course material was presented to him was confusing and hard to understand. Originally, he thought he was the only sailor in the world that didn't get it, but after asking sail trim questions of fellow sailors and trying to understand their confusing answers he soon realized he was not the only confused sailor in the world.



Don and Arlene Guillette, the owners of Sail Trim Products, on their Catalina 30 off Long Beach, CA.


Don and Arlene Guillette

Don and Arlene Guillette

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He then turned to leading sailing authors such as Dennis Connors, Gary Jobson, Steve Colgate and others for information on what sail trim was all about. Unfortunately, the sail trim information was all over the book. For example, draft position or outhaul information was on 15 pages scattered through out the book! Additionally, he studied videos and reviewed all the sail trim articles he could find in leading sailing magazines. Once he had accumulated all the available data (he knew he had all of it when the information started repeating itself) he developed a simple format to display the sail trim information. Every adjustment for every sail trim control for the mainsail and jib for every point of sail and wind condition is presented on two pages which are laminated for cockpit use. Every technique and procedure he accumulated was tested on his boat, a Catalina 30, which he sails out of Long Beach, Ca. He retained the techniques that worked and discarded the ones that didn't. The result was the SAIL TRIM CHART. Over 6000 have been sold to sailors worldwide. The SAIL TRIM CHART tells you WHAT to do from a sail trim standpoint. As time went on sailors that purchased the SAIL TRIM CHART wanted more information. They wanted to know WHY they were making a particular sail trim change. To respond to that request, Don wrote THE SAIL TRIM USERS GUIDE which is the most condensed and complete book on sail trim that you will ever read. When you've finished the book you'll know more about sail trim than 75% of the sailors worldwide.

Don conducts sail trim seminars through out Southern California and also hosts a sail trim forum on


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